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Here at Sideways Motorsport, we love cars. All makes, all models – nothing gives us more pleasure than to see a vehicle performing precisely as it should. We have all of the qualifications, credentials and experience in dealing with high-performance vehicles but we take just as much pride with the everyday commuter vehicle as well, ensuring that our high standards are applied to every vehicle that enters our garage. The team at Sideways Motorsport has global connections and the best industry knowledge to ensure that we can get you the best parts from all over the world at highly competitive prices.

Turbo and Performance Cars

Our experienced team can assist with all of your performance car needs including:
  • Servicing: We take a holistic view with every turbo and performance car service that we carry out, ensuring that every element, every component of the vehicle is working in harmony with the rest of the car. While you can rely on us to ensure that all repairs are carried out and all consumables replaced, our team will also work to ensure you are extracting every bit of power from your vehicle as possible.
  • Repairs: Our team has the latest in diagnostic scanning and keen eyes for attention and detail so that we can locate and repair any potential problems in your engine, electrical systems, braking system, suspension, drivetrain and much more, using the best quality parts sourced from around the world.
  • Modifications and upgrades: Looking to get more out of your performance vehicle? Have a chat with our team, they are as passionate about your vehicle as you are and can help you discover the best options to extract the most performance out of your ride. We can take on any project from simple filter replacements and upgrades all the way up to full engine replacements, turbo installation and body kits.

Everyday Logbook servicing

Our team uses the latest technologies and innovations in code readers, OBD scanners and readers, circuit testers and much more to ensure that we can detect and diagnose any current and potential problems and ensure you are getting the most thorough service possible. All of our work will be carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications and using the appropriate, correct and reliable parts to ensure that your warranty is not compromised. You will get a meticulous service from the best mechanics in the business and our customer service is second to none, delivering trusted advice so you can be assured your vehicle will be running just as smoothly in the coming weeks and months as it is when you leave our garage. The team at Sideways Motorsport is also available for all other mechanical requirements including turbo repairs and replacements, diesel services and repairs, transmission services, battery testing and replacement, wheel alignments, injection cleaning, pre-purchase inspections, chip and power upgrades, brake and clutch repairs and much more. Contact the team today with your mechanical enquiry and we will be able to help you get back on the road better than ever.